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Country Archer Fuego Beef Jerky 2.5 oz. Bag

Country Archer Fuego Beef Jerky 2.5 oz. Bag


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  • Size 2.5oz
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If you’re a student of the Scoville scale (No? Search it.), then perhaps nothing entices you more than a meat snack that could make you spontaneously combust. So just for you, Country Archer handcrafted a premium fuego beef jerky that will ignite your passion like a smoking hot kiss from an electric eel. Now, it’s not ghost-chili-hot or even Scotch-bonnet-hot. But rest assured, there’s enough of a kick in our crushed red pepper jerky to make you search, “What’s up with Chiles de Arbol?” – or possibly, “home remedies + eel.”

100% Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished, High Protein Meat Snack with a spicy kick. Low Fat, Gluten Free, Keto, Preservative Free, Nitrates/Nitrites Free, MSG Free
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