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Hillshire Italian Dry Salame & Gouda Cheese with Crackers - 2.76oz

Hillshire Italian Dry Salame & Gouda Cheese with Crackers - 2.76oz


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  • Size 2.76oz
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    Italian dry salami, natural Gouda cheese slices and crisp toasted rounds come together in Hillshire Snacking Italian Dry Salami and Gouda Cheese Snack Kits for a grownup twist on your favorite meat and cheese tray. Our Italian dry salami, cheese and cracker snack pack features chef curated ingredients and flavors, for a truly elevated snacking experience. Try pairing this sliced meat with a cheese plate alongside a light bodied red, such as Pinot Noir, to enhance the flavors of the savory Italian salami and creamy Gouda cheese. Perfectly portioned for a quick bite, take the snack pack along when on the run. A great option to enjoy instead of your usual cheese toast sandwich. Our Italian dry salami meat snack kit has 16 grams of protein in each ready to eat serving. Keep this deli meat and cheese snack kit refrigerated so you can have a midday snack when the craving strikes. We’re big believers in a little thing called snack time. To us snacking is not about rushing or mindless eating. It’s about turning a few stolen moments into an elevated celebration that deserves to be savored. We’re here to turn snacking into an occasion, and you are invited!
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