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Beer Nuts Original Peanuts 12oz

Beer Nuts Original Peanuts 12oz


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  • Size 12oz
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This sweet and salty secret recipe. A glass of cold suds. Like every superhero duo, BEER NUTS Original Peanuts and your favorite brew are an unstoppable team.
The secret family recipe has its roots somewhere in Bloomington, Illinois, smack-dab in the middle of the good olâ US of A. Russell Shirk packaged peanuts and other specialty nuts for the family restaurant/confectionary and two local liquor stores. With a catchy name and smart distribution, word got out and over a half-century later, the Shirks are still selling âem across the land. In fact, they still produce all BEER NUTS products at their 100,000 square-foot facility in Bloomington. Youâll agree that the unique sweet & salty taste continues to be beerâs best match.
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